Suchi Re-Introduced!!

As we are finally approaching the end of one of most beloved franchise watching which we’ve grown up…yeah yeah I’m talking about Harry Potter! The last movie hits the theatres on 15th July, 2011 (Happy Birthday Maa).SmileRed heart So I had witnessed one of the craziest and the most beautiful dream last night! Don’t remember much of it, so thought of blogging it down before I forget all of it! Its all about Magic, witches and a place like Hogwarts!Open-mouthed smile

It all started with these words:

I am a total disaster, she sobbed. I have flawless skin. I don’t have any warts or pimples. Not even acne. I have long beautiful dark brown hair and deep dark brown eyes…to make it even more adorable I apply Kajal to them!Smile When I laugh it sounds like the tinkle of delicate bells. I can sing. The kind of songs that actually make people smile, and not scare them away. I have a cute little toy poodle for my familiar. And my name is Suchi Dulloo. How could I possibly pass the entrance exams and clear the interview for becoming a witch?!?In love

Her poodle, that she had named Candy in the wild hope that he would become fearsome, listened to the wailing with a bored twitch of his ears. He had heard it many, many times. He had, contrary to what Suchi wanted, become a very cute and cuddly little dog, though he would use his powers to mercilessly zap any cats who tried to get fresh with him with various curses. Soon mommy cats would scare their little kits with stories of Candy’s curses, if they didn’t drink their milk or they didn’t sleep their 20 hours every day.

Oh Candy, what do I do? None of the hexes I have gotten off the internet work on me. They only work on other people. Why only yesterday, I gave Priya from the sixth floor such a lovely wart right on the tip of her nose. And all she had to do was share her chocolate with me. But now she is not even talking to me. She screams every time she looks in the mirror. That was my bad deed of the day, but I didn’t like making her feel bad. Is that counted then? And if I don’t get in, then my powers will just fade away…even my memory that I could do magic will go, and I will never be able to understand anything you say and worst of all I will have to study calculus (I got very high marks in 10th and 12th grade, I knew I should not have used magic to give the board exams). Worse still, I may even have to get married to none other than…Shubi!Open-mouthed smile
Magic is not going to help me, she thought. I need a miracle. She thought of some of the Gods who she was friendly with, but all of them had refused to make her ugly or even teach her how to cackle. They all said that she would simply have to get very high marks on the BWW (Basic Witchcraft and Wizardry), and then use her talents to get through the interviews. She was not so scared of the BWW, it was the personal interview that made her heart flutter.

The BWW had been a month ago, and she had cleared it. She had applied to the very prestigious IITWW (The Indian Institutes of the Technology of Witchcraft and Wizardry). Especially IITWW, Haldwani which was world famous in India.Winking smile


Today was D-day. She would have to appear for the personal interview. What chance did she have?! She would certainly fail on looks, voice, laugh and familiar.

Come on Sunita, its time we went to that place, shouted his holiness Suchi’s Dad. Don’t forget to get Candy, yelled Suchi’s Mumma. They had been the most understanding people on earth about her wanting to become a witch once they saw her curdle milk with a glance and turn it into rich dahi with a flick of her wrist. And that time when they were stuck in a traffic jam in Delhi…trying hard to somehow cross Hapur and getting horribly late in order to take their baby girl back to Haldwani…Suchi had suggested an alternate mode of transportation. Maa had alighted gracefully from the Kanchan’s broomstick, adjusted the pleats of her silk sari, and commented, “This is really not that much different from a Activa ride from Kusum Khera to Botia Parao”.

“And less bumpy too,” pointed out his holiness Suchi’s Dad!Smile with tongue out

She pulled Candy’s hair all over the place to make him look scary. All it did was make him look untidy and cute. She hastily put her worst dress on and uncombed her hair…

What happens next? Will she clear her interview and get admission into IITWW, Haldwani? Will she become ugly on time? Will she get her chance for becoming a witch?!

Well the thinking is still on! I’l try competing the dream/story tonight!

Stay tuned for a lovely and beautiful and a magical ending!

Loads of loveSmile

Miss you babySad smile


PS: I kinda wrote a poem too…Suchi’s Song, watch out for it in a day or 3Open-mouthed smile

Also people reading this post can post in “The End” of the magical story as a coment! It would be really generous and the effort would be highly appreciated!

“Win Guardian Leviosa”


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