OIS aka “other interesting stuff”

I created this page on the blog to let you know a little bit about what I’ve been upto…a sort of an extended Twitter!

ahhh so here it goes:

  • 24th May, 2011

@13:31-Shubi: just finished eating delicious Mumm prepared Rajmah with curd and onion garnishing! Tastes Heaven!!

@22:34-Shubi: watching IPL, RCB~RCB~RCB~RCB! Go Bangalore\m/

  • 26th May, 2011

@15:46-Shubi: logged into zune and listening to “Just Like a Pill” by PINK and reading my own blog, feels grrrrreat!!:)

@19:57-Shubi: just finished grooming Bruno and posted some new articles!

@20:11-Shubi: starting the download of all BluRay rips of Ranbir Kapoor’s Movies!! Hell yeah:)

@21:36-Shubi: serious conversation with her holiness Suchi!

@22:28-Shubi: working on HTML codes…added a menu to the site!

  • 27th May, 2011

@10:16-Shubi: making mango shake and toasting breads!

@21:54-Shubi: returned home after watching Hangover 2…Killer movie! must watch!!

  • 28th May, 2011

@19:29-Shubi: what an evening we have at hands…IPL final and then the mother of all…Champions League! Supporting Bangalore in IPL and about Champions League…well I really need not mention that! Go Reds!! RIP Barca!! Glory Glory ManUnited!!

@19:33-Shubi: just had a vision…yeah I can see the future…RCB are the IPL champs and Manchester United lift the Champions League trophy;)

  • 29th May, 2011

@22:04-Shubi: life sucks after ManU and RCB lost:(…exams approaching:( kill me:(

  • 6th June,2011

@20:51-Shubi: what a storm did Bangalore just witness! wow!

@22:01-Feeling gr8! fever gone!:)

  • 10th June,2010

@17:51-Shubi: gonna start SS, 4 units on the rocks!! I think I can do it:)

@18:38-Shubi: check out “about me” on my blog!! gotta new pichha:)

  • 13th June, 2011

@10:57-Shubi: oscillator twoosh!!

  • 3rd July, 2011

@20:39-Shubi: Suchi gone, bangalore into ruins! Life sucks!:(

  • 4th July, 2011

@07:40-Shubi: getting ready! gonna get the car serviced!!

  • 17th July, 2011

@09:54-Shubi: just learned that KMN stands for kill me now!;)

  • 22nd July, 2011

@10:58-Subhi: irritating Suchi to the core! i feel satisfied! hope u’r reading this bebo!;)

@11:03-Shubi: okai well i just realized it, she is reading it! way to go!!:)

@11:04-Shubi: sleeping pills twoosh! its yumm

@11:59-Shubi: Suchi badly gone nuts…just lost it! credit to me! i luv doin this! read this read this:P i feel on top!yes!! eating some more! wow!

  • 25th July, 2011

@08:03-Shubi: sleeping pills…i love u! yeah i love u a lot!

  • 28th July, 2011

@23:11-Shubi: another bottle of sleeping pills over! got a new one today! thought it might be awesome if i shared it with ya’ll! this 1’s for u suchi!:p

New Sleeping Pills

  • 29th July, 2011

@07:49-Shubi: had 8 of em’ but still no sleep:) wtf is wrong with me? or is it wrong with the tablets?…lol! anyways…good mrng ppl! have a gr8 day!

@09:03-Shubi: making burgers!:)

@18:26-Shubi: finished season 3 of lost! and like sucha said…no1 cares…gonna have record 12 sleeping pills! right nw! adios!

  • 11th September, 2011

@08:42-Shubi: 9/11 anniversary…reading abt the whole decade! had a gr8 match last night!

  • 02nd October, 2011

@08:28-Shubi: ROCKSTAR music released , oh yah yah , oh yah yah yah!

@08:29-Shubi: love Ranbir with long hair yah yah yah!

@08:30-Shubi: at last finally, oh yah yah, oh yah yah yah!

  • 12th February, 2012

@12:56-Shubi: blog renovation twoosh!:)

13th February, 2012

@21:34-Shubi: wht a gr8 satsang!! Jai Gurudev!:)

17th August, 2012

@21:50-Shubi: blog renovated…rvp, rooney and mufc on my mind!! cant wait for monday! #ggmu


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