The Right Path

Mom’s birthday month it is!! 😀

Hello “MAY 2015”

Since it’s her month I would like to share her wisdom in this post which comes to my mind when I miss her, considering there are few choices to be made in the near future.

It was on one of her birthdays that I once asked my Mom (since I was super f****d up then) that how do I know that the path I’ve chosen is the right path for me? This is what she said…

“You have to make it the Right path, no matter what!”

When do you need to make a choice? When you have two or more options, and all those options are equally good. If any option is even just a mite better than all the others, there is no confusion, simply choose that one and be done with it. Confusion arises when every option in front of you is equally enticing. Then you go into the infinite loop of “What iffing”, and spend too much time sitting on the fence, not willing to commit yourself anywhere. She advised, if you are faced with equally good options, don’t think too much, just choose one. Anyways they are all equally good, so how does it matter what you choose!

Actually, it’s not so difficult to choose. The difficulty is to stick to your choice. As soon as you choose one, all the others start to look light years better. This is a habit of your mind. Most of what it has, it doesn’t want. Most of what it doesn’t have, it craves for. Recognize this and stick with your choice.

Remember the last time you went a to good restaurant? Remember how you went over the menu 16 times before ordering? And after finally deciding what you wanted, placing the order and having your meal bought to your table, remember how the food on other tables looked so much more mouth wateringly good? Chances are most of the people on the other tables are probably looking at your meal and having the exact same thoughts you are having!

When faced with a choice, quickly decide. Then make the choice work for you! Believe that you have made the best choice possible. Close yourself to the other options, knowing that they are no longer available. This is what you have. This is what you have chosen. This is the best. Right away it may not seem so. Trust yourself and go ahead. In time, you will realize that the particular path you chose was really the perfect one.

And then she concluded it so it so beautifully… All ways don’t lead you (to the goal). Only one way does!

You’re the best Mom!

Love You


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