What’s the Purpose of my Life?

I ask this question to myself on almost on all afternoons after lunch when I lie down (IDK why) and as usual it popped up again this afternoon and that’s when I decided to ask this question to my Mom.

Here is what she said:

Have you ever had a really good lunch on a Sunday afternoon? There was all this delicious food and you overate. And then after the meal is over, all you want is a nice comfy bed? When you get on that bed, what do you do? Because you have overeaten so much, sleep doesn’t come, but you manage to daydream sweet little things … Right?

Then she gave me a classic example of Lord Narayan…

Look at Lord Narayan here. He is surrounded by goodies, someone is pressing his feet and he is on a beautiful ocean … seems like He just had his lunch and by the looks of it, He has eaten a tad too much! 😀


What do you think He is doing?

He is daydreaming of course! And you and me, we are in that dream. We are figments of God’s imagination after a superb Sunday meal!

So, do the characters in your daydreams have any purpose? No. Isn’t it?

Similarly, we the characters in His daydream, you think we have any purpose? Not really!

But now that we know we are His daydream, our purpose is… to make His dream interesting!! 🙂




PS: Don’t overdo it and wake Him up! LUL 😛


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