A Message From Me: Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

I wanted to post a very small blog post to:

1. Wish you a joyful and awakening new year.
2. Prove that I am still alive.

I am currently in New Delhi and the rest of the North India for the last 4 weeks of my mind blowing winter vacation. I leave tomorrow back to Bangalore.

I have missed my little blog during my stay here but I have been keeping note of every creative idea that has come to mind to share with you, and I am inspired.

It is new years eve already, and as much as I would like to share my thoughts with you about this time of year, I am unable to, because the Internet connection here is truly prehistoric. New years is one of two of my favorite times of year (the other one, being valentines day. A whole day dedicated to love?? What’s not to like about that??)…lolWinking smile

I wish you all a beautiful 2012. It will be a full and magical year with an exciting apocalypse at the end of it. Just kiddingWinking smile
I hope you will spend this year with good food and good people and not any douches and bithces!

I wish you love in your heart, laughter on your lips, and light in your eyes.

Will blog soon!Smile



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