Are you a Hugger?!?

My family was never one for hugging it was one of those awkward signs of affection. It’s not that we didn’t love each other it’s just that we never hugged. In an odd way, the only people in my life that I hug is Suchi, my parents sometimes and the odd farewell hug to my far away friends!

It was the other day I faced two well-meaning hugging scenarios which I returned with awkward grace.  The first  was an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for a while dove into greet me with a hug. I mustered the best I could – I was frazzled, I went spastic, jumped away, recovered with a smile,  moving forward with the conversation.

My Mom was in the distance chuckling at the  scenario. As I walked towards her“I know! She hugged me!”

She chuckled again…

The next day I met my cousin whom I haven’t seen for over two years. He was a young sappy sprout who has decided to travel across Bangalore to discover his freedom and find  himself. We chatted over breakfast, got the scoop on the whole family, and listened to his future dreams.

As I dropped him off, he dove in to give me a farewell hug. I dove away! The best I could muster was a punch in the arm, “Go get them slugger! I hope you have a great time!”

So I ask are you a hugger? Do you return the hug? Or do you find it an invasion of your personal space?

Ponder about!

CheersJust kidding



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