Top Twenty Horror Movies of All Time

Why the heck aren’t ALL TV stations playing ALL of these movies ALL the time ALL month?!

Hmphf! I mean, these are the BEST scary movies, EVER.  Well, according to me.  And I even have my own categories for them.  Of course, this is utterly subjective, and based on my own personal psyche, but in any case, here is my List of the Top 20 Horror Movies of All Time, by category.


Terrifying Trilogy of Greatness:

1.  The Exorcist.  Just ask my mother what she thinks of this movie.  According to family legend, she and my dad went out for a romantic date night to see The Exorcist, and came home to me, 4 years old, creeping down the hallway playing Scary Monster, in hopes of spooking them.  My efforts apparently inspired such horror in my mother that she started screaming, and then I started screaming, and, no doubt, my dad spent the rest of the night calming down his hysterical girls.

2.  Rosemary’s Baby.  (This belongs in the Fearfully Fabulous Fashion section as well.) Mia Farrow’s dresses in this movie are to die, and kill, for, but, aside from that, from the creepy old people, to the devil sex scene, to the idea — mind you, just the idea, we never get to see IT) of a yellow-eyed baby with HOOVES (o, god, o god!!!), this movie is just plain chilling.

3.  The Omen.  I personally prefer the Julia Stiles/Liev Schrieber version, but that’s just because I got a thing for Liev, and I’m not always crazy about 70′s fashion, by which the Lee Remick/Gregory Peck version is badly infected.  But both are super scary because of the Devil.  Like, the Devil taking possession of a little boy so he can grow up and become President of the United States and thereby rule the world!! O, and then there IS the matter of that jackal.  Shudder.  Jackals are freaking creepy.

Fearfully Fabulous Fashion:

4.  Halloween (the Jamie Lee Curtis original, not that remade junk!!).  Despite what I just said about 70′s fashion, I do like SOME of it, and the gals in this movie look really cute! Before they get stalked and chopped up into bits by Michael Myers, that is!

5.  Carrie.  Again, 70′s high school outfits.  Love them.  I mean, ok, I hate the knee-high athletic tube socks  ever-worn with the colored-hem short-shorts (I’m telling the truth when I say I hated those even when I was in the 70′s; uh, I was VERY young, you snarks).  But never were such a pack of nasty mean girls so turned out, hair-do’s and all.  Too bad they dumped blood all over Sissy Spacek and Sissy had to burn them all up with her special powers! O, and we can’t forget Piper Laurey: dirty pillows, dirty pillows!!

Generally Just Freaking Scary and Awesome and Classic:

6.  Amityville Horror.  OmyGOD, red pig eyes in the darkness!!!!!!!!

7.  Hellraiser.  I really can’t even talk about this one.  It’s too frightening.

8.  The Ring.  VHS tape, anyone?

9.  Candyman.  O, beeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!

10.  The Entity.  I think that demon just wanted a little lovin’.  I mean, didn’t everyone love Barbara Hershey?

11.  The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  Demons again.  And Jennifer Carpenter.  And based on a TRUE STORY!!

12.  Paranormal Activity.  I know, I’m a sucker for the cheap shocks.  But I think they worked in this!!

13.  Blair Witch Project.  If I ever, EVER, see anyone standing in a corner with their back to me, I’m going to wet my pants.

14.  The Shining.  Wendy? I’m home!

15.  Psycho.  What does a woman get for stealing money and having sex in a cheap motel with her married boyfriend back in black-and-white-movie times? A crappy sandwich and chopped up in the shower, that’s what!

16.  Willard.  Rats.  Enough said.

Scary but Also Kind of Depressing and Sad:

17.  Cujo.  This one is definitely scary, but the mom in this always reminds me of my mom (I think because of the outfits and the pixie hair), and the little boy always reminds me of my little brother when he was still little (I think because of the shaggy hair). :)So, I usually won’t watch this, but, still, it’s stomach churning!

18.  The Fly.  I mean the Jeff Goldblum/Gina Davis one.  That poor man-fly at the end is just so tragic, especially because Gina Davis is all preggers with its baby.  I’ll watch this one, but always turn it off before the sad parts come.

19.  It.  LOVE this movie!! It could be the most terrifying movie on this list because there is nothing more scary than a demon clown in the drains, but it’s also a really great movie about friendship and love and overcoming evil.  Just love this one.

20.  Ghost Story.  Yeah, this is definitely frightening, but it’s also a real ghost story, in the old-fashioned sense, and thus sad, mournful, and maybe not the choice for scary laughs.  Definitely an excellent choice for a stormy night if you want a real haunt, though.

An Extra: In a Category All Its Own

May.  Hey, she just wants the perfect friend.  And if she can’t find him or her, she’ll makethe perfect friend.  O, yes, she will.

Close to my Heart:Paranormal Activity 3

Happy Watching!



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