Diwali and Gratitude

This one is dedicated to Suchi!Red heart

Tonight, I went to Pizza Hut, Indiranagar one of my favourite eat outs in Bangalore to have dinner…it was a lovely meal (marred only by the most obtrusive, horrible what-other-people-call-music-and-i-call-noise)…and while I was eating and celebrating Diwali eve surrounded by people I love, I couldn’t help but notice, that the staff, so eager to please us and see to it that I’ve a great meal were away from their family and the people they love…doing a job, and hardly being recognised for it…on Diwali eve!

And so, there must be so many people…especially you Suchi, foregoing their pleasure and their celebration and their need to be with the people who are special in their lives, just so we could make our Diwali special…this happens on all our festivals…the season to be festive and happy is just the season where they need to work even harder and still smile and make it better for all of us…

Here is to these people and Suchi, these very special people who make our celebrations special…A special blessing and deep heartfelt gratitutde for all of them and Suchi!

Haapy Deepawali, and a Wonderful New Year ahead to all!




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