Vijaya Dashami

Guruji said a few very beautiful things after coming out of His deep Silence during Navratri…

“Meditation is a deep acceptance of the present moment”

Asweekar se jadata ho jati hai: Non acceptance of what is happening makes you rigid and hard

He said, ask for what you wish…in this space and energy you will get it! Then He added, even if you don’t ask, you will get… but you can askSmile

Then He said ask for what really matters: what is really important, 3 things that you should ask of a Guru are Unshakable Faith, Unwavering Devotion and Liberation! Everything else will anyways come to you when the time is right!Smile

It was a beautiful exquisite 10 days and nights of Navratri…blissful, content and full of joy!

Shanti Rastu, Tushti Rastu, Pushti Rastu… is how we greet each other on Vijaya Dashami- The 10th day. It means May you have Peace, Health and Prosperity!

Jai GurudevSmile




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