End of Summer, Beginning of Memories


For most of the Indians, the month of September serves as a symbolic reminder that summer has come to an end. My Mom informed me a few years ago that for those who buy into high society, the month of September is the last day you can wear white…in a stretch! But more importantly, end of the summer means it is the start of football season! Yay!Soccer ball

Summer is that time of year when our hearts are as free as our toes. Your skin is kissed by the sun and seeing the person you love dressed in sunsets. A great summer day is when the sun is shining and the lawn mower is broken. September is here and summer is gone but the memories we have made will last forever.

This past summer has been filled with family, friends, and good times. I feel blessed that I was able to spend this summer with cousins, friends and parents at campsites and Ashram! It was a time for me to slow down and catch my breath. I live a busy life. I am always moving sometimes not even clear on the direction. My mind is always turning. But this summer I was reminded about simple things that are also the most important things. This summer taught me to appreciate the things you have before time makes you appreciate the thing you had.

Summer is gone and it kinda feels sad that because it feels like as if an era has passed away leaving behind some beautiful memories (and tears!).Smile

What lessons did you learn this summer? Something indeed to ponder about!

LoveRed heart



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