Dudette and Dude of the Month (August, 2011)

Well people…continuing with he tradition that I started, the prestigious title of “Dudette and Dude of the Month” is back! Reminder about these awards for those who are new…this award is given to the guys and the gals who have done something really cool in the month or have been involved in something cool!

Ahem…so without further delay…

This month, The ‘Dudette of the Month’ is SUCHI and the ‘Dude of the Month’ is NIKHIL YALAMANCHI!!!Rolling on the floor laughing

  • Dudette of the Month: Suchi


Suchi is our ‘Dudette of the Month’ because the celeb girl successfully returned Bangalore from Haldwani in August after a long vacation at her hometown! Moreover, she has also done some tremendous jobs like getting her PAN card and her childhood photos along with her also what made her even more deserving for this award was the Kashmiri babe has jus ripped her laptop apart! RIP VAIOSleepy smile! Just when you started thinking that’s it? Here’s more…she got me some extra special gifts for my birthday which was phenomenal and applaudable! Continuing with her legacy the Dudette of the month hasn’t increased her appetite at all as a result handful of burgers are left behind making it obvious for the general population that this CELEB was here!!Smile with tongue out August was little painful for her in terms of her health as she was down with viral foe few days and now its her, but like we all know her never say die attitude made sure that viral was kicked out of her system soon! This is what that makes her the special person of this month! Even after so much of fame and fan following, the Dudette always cares for others’ feelings and treats everyone equally! This makes her even more dearer!

Its and absolute honor to have Suchi with me!Smile

Wishing you all the best for all your future commitments!Smile



  • Dude of the Month: Nikhil Yalamanchi


Yala!!!(yayyyy!! Cheers!! Claps!!!) aka Bill Gates of NHCE is a guy of his own kind! When he walks the crowd stops just to have a glimpse of him, when he talks everyone shuts their mouth just to listen to him and the classes in the college start only when Yala enters the classroom!! People…if you wanna make someone your idol throughout your life…the answer is right in front of you! Yala is the man!!Open-mouthed smile So the reason Yala gets this prestigious award this month is because of completing the Singapore tour this summer!! The guy is just a huge food freak!!(quiet obvious from the picture), ate all the dishes he could possible see in Singapore and has a fair idea about their recipes as well! Not only this, Yala also stood up to the reputation of being a true Gunner as Arsenal were touring the area those days and made sure that he caught his team in action! Most importantly he put up a smile on everyone’s face when he got back by making sure he did something special for everyone! The Dude of the Month got me A THOR poster…wow!Smile  What makes Yala the Dude of the Month is that even after so much of money and luxury revolving around him, he never backs down from helping anyone and keeps his pals smiling all the time!

Way to go Yala! Congratulations!

Job nicely done!

God bless the “Dudette and Dude of the Month”

CheersLaughing out loud



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