“The Representatives of the People of India”

“We are the representatives of the people of India”

“People have elected us to this post, and it has to be respected”

I kept hearing statements of this kind by various politicians. And then I started to think a bit…

The highest voter turn out so far for the Lok Sabha elections has been 61.97% of the population of India.

Let’s assume that there are at least three major contenders for each of the 543 seats. Then out of the 62ish% of people who are voting, the votes will go approximately three ways and the winner normally wins by a fairly narrow margin.

Poli means Many, Tics mean Blood Sucking Creatures...hmmm...bloody biatches!


Meaning that to win, an MP would need a little more than one third of the votes that have been cast. Let’s be generous and say that to win a seat, one would need around 25% of the 62% of the votes. This means that only around 16% or so of the total number of people in India actually WANT that person as their representative in the parliament. This is whats called a “majority”… and that person now becomes a “representative of the people”.

In reality, more than 80% of the people of India DON’T want him there.

Possibly that’s one of the big reasons that Anna Hazare has to fast to get a law passed which quite simply wants to see to it that corrupt people are punished. Of course the government will not actually listen to the HUGE number of people supporting Anna, saying they too want the law against corruption. After all, all these people (80%+ of the population) DIDN’T vote this government in, so why should the government bother to listen to them?!

I will leave other conclusions to your imagination…

Proud to be an Indian!Smile



PS: Support India Against Corruption!


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