If we look at the form of Krishna, we are enthralled by His beauty and Grace, but there are many secrets here as well!

First off, He is always pictured blue… this doesn’t mean that He was blue in colourSmile … blue is the colour of the sky and signifies that like the the sky which has vastness and infinity, Krishna was also vastness and infinity personified.

Then He wears a peacock feather as his crown. Now a crown looks very beautiful, but with all that gold and diamonds and stuff can be very heavy, meaning that to anyone looking at a King or a Queen, they will look wonderful and everyone will want to be like them, but to the King wearing it, it is heavy with responsibility of managing the Kingdom. Though Krishna is the Master of the entire universe, He takes His immense responsibility with the lightness of a feather! And the beauty of the peacock feather can rival the beauty of any ruby and diamond studded crownSmile

He is usually depicted standing on one foot, the other a little lifted, as if dancing… One foot on the ground shows complete groundedness, firmly in the material world and you can see that from His life, from extreme mischief as a small child, to flirtatious romances as a youth, marriage to 16000 women (lucky dude)Smile , helping with elopement, playing a major political role in one of the biggest wars, giving the ultimate Knowledge… the list goes on… He lived a very full life, yet the other foot off the ground showed His spiritual side, His mysticism, His depth… No one really knew Him or could even know Him…

You can go through life with both feet on the ground meaning you are only in the material world, and you go through life standing… and there are a few who lift both feet off and fall, try to be only “spiritual”… and a select few perfectly balance both the aspects, and they dance!

Looking at Him you realise you could stand, fall or dance! through lifeSmile

Radha is his most beloved among all the gopis, but even she is jealous of his flute, coz the flute always stays with him. The flute has seven holes. Enchanting, captivating, bliss inducing music can be played from a flute only if it is hollow and empty.

Our body also has seven chakras… When we become hollow and empty, then Krishna’s breath flows through us, and we become an instrument of the Divine… Our words are His words, our actions are His actions. We become pockets of tranquility and bliss. And then we are always with Him. Just like His flute!Smile

Jai Sri Krishna!!Smile



PS: Guruji has been saying that everyone should read the Bhagawad Geeta at least once! I did and am now quite addicted, its such superb Knowledge, so simple and so deep!


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