The Story of an Old Man and a Corrupt Government

In 1947, an Old man won. Millions of people won. Those who thought that they had power realized that they had none.

It’s 2011 now.

Another Old man is using a tried and tested technique. Millions of people are with him.

All he is saying is, let’s have a law in this land which will punish corrupt people, and not spare anyone, however “important” they are. The current government seems to think this a bad idea – One wonders why… So quite childishly they hurl accusations at this Old man, saying he is corrupt. I hope they know that there exists an IQ of the peoples they govern.

The Old man and his team had or tried to have meaningful dialogue with the government. It failed miserably. There was just one thing left to do…

The Old man says I will not eat… I will fast until this little wish of mine is fulfilled because the current government doesn’t seem to listen to anything else. I will fast and people who feel this is a good idea will sit with me in peace. This made the government very uncomfortable. So they decided – We will not let him fast. We will put him in jail! ha ha!

Ha Ha! indeed.

We all – well, all who are not corrupt atleast are with you Anna! Thank You!

Hundreds of people are in jail now. People who have never even travelled in a train without a ticket. Law abiding, up standing citizens were arrested today. From the Art of Living itself, scores of meditators, people who practice and radiate peace were taken to jail. How much lower can this government stoop? Every time I hear about a new atrocity, I feel this is the limit. It cannot get any worse. It always does, and I wonder where it will end…

But I now know the beginning of the End of corruption and this government has come to pass.

A nation of 1.2 billion cannot anymore tolerate this nonsense.

The sun had not set on the British Empire for a long time. Not so long ago, another Old man managed to bring the British to their knees. Made them look quite silly really. He too said Quit India. Will not eat until you go. They went. He must have had a great meal afterwards!Smile

It worked with the British. I have a strong feeling it’s going to work with the Italians as well…lol!Open-mouthed smile

However you can support India Against Corruption – Do it!

Satyam Param Dhimahi!

CheersLaughing out loud



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