Happy Birthday Dear Father!

Right from the Ashram…

Today is dad’s birthday. We have invited everyone over to Ashram for an old fashioned  Aryan-Rajput family celebration and what fun we had! The birthday menu includes dal and rice, and I cooked muffins and we guys also fried some stuff (basically soya fillet)…and made a brand new dessert which was astonishingly good…(recipe coming soon!)… yummy!!Smile


Guruji came a day earlier than he had planned and dad got to meet Him as well. Guruji said ok bring the cake lets cut it, and dad and mom said they didn’t have a cake, so I just lifted some paper and there was a cake underneath!! And then after the cake we had loads of fun with Guruji…it was a lovely session talking to Him!Smile

Dad (and mom) worked all their lives so we could have the best of things…and as they are growing older, they have been working even harder for their children…us!Smile Dad always tells, keep giving me more work otherwise I will grow old!! Dad spearheads the entire Lucent project, which is indeed a real pain…can be called anytime of to the office!!


Whenever we used to tell dad, you are growing old…he would retort back tera baap budha (it looses a lot in translation, but it means your pop is old!) and he never did manage to grow old, neither did mom! The energy that these two beings have is astounding and they just keep getting younger and younger setting standards of excellence in living showing us with their own lives, how to live effectively and proactively…and have a huge amount of fun in the bargain!

And dad (and mom), just to let you know, the two of you have been the best parents any one could ever ask for!! Here is to many many more Birthdays…and love and peace and joy!

The Bhakti Band

Happy Birthday Pops!Just kidding




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