Bolt and Ice Age 3


A brilliant little movie about a dog (Bolt) who has always acted in a TV series and believes to have super powers with which he annihilates the enemies who seek to harm his young owner. An accident causes Bolt to be suddenly thrust into the real world, where his powers don’t work…

The Dog, the Cat and the Hampster

The Dog, the Cat and the Hamster

His quest to find his “person”, deal with the sudden normalcy of his life, learn what it is to be a dog (he gets lessons from a cat!) and travel all the way from New York to Hollywood meeting some really nice pigeons and a hamster who is a fan of his TV shows is what the movie is all about.


Ice Age 3

Almost as good as Ice Age 1, definitely better than Ice Age 2


Sloth becomes a “mother” to 3 very cute and naughty dinosaurs… mummy Dino comes looking for them to take them back out of the Ice Age and “kidnaps” sloth along with the babies. Everyone else joins up to “rescue” sloth along with the help of a friendly and crazy, mainly crazy hermit who has this vendetta with a really BIG dinosaur (a tyranosaur) he lovingly calls “Rudie”… Oh and scrotch finds a girlfriend who becomes competition for the acorn…




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