The Big Chill


A visit to Delhi is incomplete for me unless I go eat at this restaurant called “The Big Chill”. Very good food, and for those of you who eat chocolate and sugar, unbelievably tasty deserts.

And what more? I got to visit it when the winter of Delhi was at its peak! Bloody Chilly!Red heart

We as in my pals and of course me had an extended 2 hour dinner there. I recall we had started with Hummus and Pitta Bread. Then went onto some leafy salads with sun dried tomatoes which were excellent. Then a fairly good tomato basil soup. A huge Baked potato topped with cheese and mushrooms, the skin of the potato is crunchy and tasty…wow! Mouth’s watery!Winking smile
Ah as is recall then we had Cannelloni which was cooked to perfection, along with Lasagna which was very nice. The penne with mushrooms could have been much better…we also ordered pizzas (4 cheese and al funghi) which were strictly ok, i had just a bite from them, they don’t serve whole wheat pizza, so i was not too interested…and then I abandoned my no honey dictate for some really super delicious deserts.
Shivam had a Mississippi Mud Pie, which is basically chocolate with more chocolate topped with chocolate, floating in chocolate and has some more chocolate stuffed in if there is any place…a chocoholics dream come true…I just looked at it, didn’t eat any. Smile I don’t think Shivam would really have cared to share it!!Alien
We ordered Blueberry and Strawberry Cheese cakes too which were excellent, and a banana and vanilla thick shake, which was even better, but everything paled into insignificance to the mighty Banoffe Pie. Biscuit crusts, layered with cooked banana, gooey sticky super tasty caramelized toffee, and topped with some thick cream, sprinkled with shavings of dark chocolate (which i carefully removed). If there is ever a reason to eat sugar, this is it!SmileI had four mouth wateringly delicious spoonful of it!
We were a group of six people I think, Shivani and Sonal had lied at their homes about coming out with four guys so they left a bit early, but Vibhu joined us and I think more than made up for both of them…lol!Smile The bill was a little less than Rs. 4000. The portions are generous and the service is pretty good. The ambience is very nice, all over the walls there are posters of movies and old Pepsi and Coke ads, the chairs are comfy. The music which can be loud and blaring and pretty intrusive…but seriously, other than the pizzas and the mushroom penne which were disappointing, the rest of the food was superb. A very satisfying and enjoyable night out.
I am back to tasting no honey at all…Smile
On a side note, after that honey shot, I remember my condition…I felt quite drowsy and kinda drunk! Honey once or twice a year is fine, but not more than that for me for sure!Sleepy smile

Flavours is another fantastic eating joint in Delhi, owned and run by an Italian, they serve whole whet pizza too, and are just slightly more expensive than The Big Chill. They have maintained their quality over the years, though I wouldn’t eat any deserts there…fuckin’ horrible!Punch However the soup, salad, bakes and pizzas there are fantastic!

So next time you are in the Most Lovely Place in India…do give it a try visiting them!

As the saying goes: Dilli waale…Dil waale!

Hell Yeah!

Proud to be a Delhiet!




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