The First (official?!) Post here…


Thank you everyone for having the patience and sharing the excitement as I created and renovated my site exactly as we wanted it…

You will see that the links on the top which didn’t work and firing now and the graphics are much cooler and up in their places! Slight glitches still exist as to how do I link it to my Flickr account etc. … but things will get polished and start to work the way they are supposed to in a few days/weeks as I put more and more and the maximum of the site together…I had no idea getting a site up would be so much of work…lolSmile but the main section is done and now ready to be viewed…yippie! Smile


Did all the designing myself…and its absolutely brilliant! (I think so)Winking smile

I fought for hours about which colors go where and how it should look…but everything is done and rightly put!Flirt male

As far as the programming part is concerned…was a real pain in the ass but I was working on HTML codes and embedded language and finally managed it with some fruitful result!  Hours and hours of it…nudging things into place with infinite patience…not complaining even once when I would change something I had spent 2 hours on!Nerd smile

I was convinced to choose between WordPress and Blogger and I was just carried away by the WordPress ads and I must say I’m glad I did it. For the look and feel I had in mind, Blogger simply couldn’t cut it with the way it is now…however WordPress is a “PAIN” to set up, but once its up and running its an absolute pleasure to use…Thumbs up

I don’t know why but I’m really proud of this site (its become so much more than just a blog) that its like a tribute to Suchi who has been the main source of inspiration to kick start things off…Suchi started the whole thing off by setting my mind on fire and I was left pondering over as to what different I can do to impress her holy highness…lol!Flirt female

The Amazon shop has got my favorite movies and few comics for now…I’ll add much more sometime soon!Rolling on the floor laughing

It has been quite a race against time to get hereClock…Its almost 6:00 am, and I’m going to sleep, will add a few posts when I wake up…

Please comment and tell me how you like it!Be right back

Welcome once again…

LoveRed heart



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