Cheeni Kum

Okai, so I had the time to watch this one just a few days ago…and I know most of you would have seen it already…but still, here is the review:

In a word: Fantastic!

Amitabh Bachchan sparkles as an absolutely acidic chef serving up sumptuous Indian food in a classy London restaurant…he is (for a change) playing his age of 64Smile and falls in love with a girl who is 34, whose father is actually younger than himCrying faceSurprised smile

Father: a cricket mad Paresh Rawal

The movie is all about the two of them getting the father to agree to their marriage…set in a very green London and an astonishingly picturesque Delhi (I loved the Qutub Minar scene)Red heartRed heartRed heart, its a superb way to spend a rainy evening…

There is Amitabh’s mother(!) too, who has a body building fixation, and there is sexy a 6 year old little girl suffering from blood cancer who is Amitabh’s neighbour…the interaction between the kid and the veteran actor are to watch out for! Seriously!Smile

Tabu who plays the (34 year old) woman falling for Amitabh also does a superb job and its an extremely believable jaunt thru London and Delhi…the only hint i got for cooking in the movie is put the hing in first, then the onions for a better flavor in a Biryani, not the other way roundSmile…they could have added some more…was expecting some more actually!Smile

The Cheeni Kum song which kept popping up through out the movie was also perfect for the setting…in fact I’m still humming it!Note

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie with someone you love!

I was unfortunate to miss out on that one!Sad smile

Miss you so much sweetheart!Red heart

Happy watching!




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