Life is Like School

Every (passing) year that (led us up the ladder) in school – our milestones and achievements big and small, boosted our ego and also brought forth some arrogance (in some of us).  Ego was at its peak in the 9th and 10th std., as the ‘I know it all attitude’, reigned.  As a senior in school I thought it my prerogative to behave roughly and take friends for granted, being under the illusion that my present position, that of a senior, a higher authority was forever.

But as time passed and the moment of farewell came close, I experienced a sudden vaccum as the heart sank!

People who were a hindrance before, now seemed dearer!  Friends, teachers, non teaching staff, junior batch-mates – felt connected to all of them suddenly!  “It’ll all end in just few days and we will not be seeing each other as often”, this thought transformed all roughness and insensitivity to humbleness. I could give more easily, love more easily, forgive more easily and connect more easily!  It was a big shift in my attitude.

Very often I have felt, had this realization occurred earlier while in school, I could have lived many more memorable moments, interacted with more people on face-to-face then, rather than as I now do on social networking sites and would’ve been a reason for many more everlasting smiles…but alas!Open-mouthed smile

Yet, there’s no regret in the bigger picture of Life!  It’s a lesson well learnt. It’s the same principle that applies in life as well and I won’t fall prey to the same trick of time and tide :

My senior batch mate (or should I say the School Principal), Guruji has educated me in advance that this will happen.

Moreover, school came with a time-span (that it would end after 12th grade, you could always calculate how much time was left), whereas, Life has no deadline, no future guarantee and hence it demands even more humility, humility of the highest order!

Hereon, I will not take people in my life for granted. My ego will not come in the way of my original nature of spreading smiles and making a difference! The ‘I know it all’ attitude’ can go take a holiday! I am a student for life! Open-mouthed smile

I’ve realized Life’s like school! And I have with me, HE who started it all!Rolling on the floor laughing



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