Happy Birthday my dear Princess, you rule over everyone’s heart, you make everyone smile and vanish their tears!Red heart

Happy Birthday Suchi!!Gift with a bowBirthday cakeCameraPlateMugMartini glass


Happy Birthday!!

If I want any work done, I usually like it done yesterday…Sucha likes it done the day before. That’s how she came to the planet 20 years ago..with a mission to correct the human race, because God wanted some people like her to be present on earth as soon as possible to make it a better place of living and cure humanity!Smile

Her sense of urgency coupled with a style of having-all-the-time-in-the-world and topped (rather cherry whipped creamed) with a magnificent sense of vision, you end with one of the liveliest combinations on the planet.

I think the major secret of her sense of humor is ahhh…Sunita Aunty would have had this habit of singing and cracking jokes when she would have been in pain…and that’s what she would have done when she was in labour and Suchi was about to come into the world, so all those impressions must have stayed. They have actually multiplied abundantly in fact!SmileThe result finally being a perfect antique piece known as Suchi.Smile

Okai as long as I’ve known Suchi…lets try to analyse this fairy on earth by making some wild guesses!!Smile

I think, as a kid, she was ‘reasonably well behaved’ and would never do mischief that would hurt anyone but would have been hell lot naughty.Smile This is something that makes her the most special child on the whole earth!Smile


Little Suchi

She is one of the finest story tellers I know of and of course the most prolific story makers I know of (every talk of hers gives me an idea about something or the other).Nerd smile In fact this whole blogging idea was simply because of Sucha! PrincessStories simply happen around Suchi.

A story goes how Suchi once prepared tea for Daadu, and as we all know she is such an active personality…here’s something which would prove that…in Kashmir, a special kind of a tea is prepared by adding dry fruits especially almonds which after being chopped properly are added into the the tea…Sucha was such a busy person one fine day that she had to rush somewhere or maybe she wasn’t in a mood to prepare tea (but I still think she had to rush somewhere)Smile with tongue out but Daadu asked her to prepare tea! Now how can she say no to Daadu…okai…agreed Sucha goes to the kitchen and prepares the tea! But now when it came to chopping down of the Almonds, the gentle beautiful lady was so energetic that she didn’t even touch the almonds and took am as it is along with the tea to Daadu only to stuff them inside Daadu…I still have all the mercy and sympathy of the universe with Daadu…what the hell was his mistake that Suchi made him go through all this torture!?! But in the end it was Suchi who was the last (wo)man standing! She took the final call!! This prompted me to give her a new nick name…KC as in it stands for “Kaam Chor” in Hindi (I’ve also updated it on her page on my blog “About Suchi” ). People please note that when I said Suchi is active and energetic, I was sarcastic!Open-mouthed smileSmile with tongue out

Oh how can I not write this one…along with everyone else in Dulloo household, Suchi also took utterly veg food and turned pure veg forever (by choice!!) and a fervent spicy/teekha addict (with Momos and Maggi as her favorite).Nyah-Nyah

Suchi herself never used to like non-veg (meat) and she used to loathe, abhor and detest even eggs which are a fairly staple diet in a Kashmiri house. But as it stands now…she is cool with sticking onto eggs!Smile She can survive with them! Maybe some remnant Kashimri genes made her fight for egg related stuff mainly cakes and omelets on many occasions…that too, she would like the omelet so much more than the toasted bread…that she would finish off the core part of the dish and leave behind the toasted bread sides only for me to finish them in the end!!Steaming madAnnoyedI’ll have my revenge someday…Suchi lol!SmileOpen-mouthed smile


I also recall,how into the first year in engineering, she along with her hostel pals got into guitar classes only to make a girly rock bandSmile with tongue out. Exactly two years later all the guitars including the ones of her band mates are happily resting inside their respective rooms and beat this…they all get frightened away when they see the guitar teacher on road by any chance sometimes! So these days major interest is the laptop!Open-mouthed smile”Lappi” as dear Suchi calls it is her dearest company in hostel! She loves her laptop so much that she has managed to keep it as good as new even till this dateComputer…add on to it the Photon and of course the Crysis game which according to me Suchi will never finish but will always stand in front of me pretending  that she finished it the immediate next day when the game was installed!Just kiddingHats off to you fairy!Angel


Suchi's Guitar

Suchi is an awesome vehicle handler of all times! Claims that she knows to drive car…which I obviously believe (I’m sarcastic)Party smile but she certainly is a perfect bike rider! As I recall, Madam was once getting late for her tuitions in the early morning so she decided to set off in a high speed so that she could make it on time and guess what happened next? A truck all of a sudden came in front of her and her holiness the great mighty Suchi applied the front breaks…kaboom…bhaadaam!! Ended up hurting her knee badly! Even after it has healed now, the injury looks like a stain on the snow fall even today! Life in Haldwani those days came to a halt when dear Mighty Suchi was injured! Bad omens!! You’re so wonderful Bebo…nothing bad can ever happen to you!SmileGod gas created that special protective shield around you so that nothing ever can harm you.Smile

However I still wonder how did she manage to get a driving license…I mean come on the cutie pie is just 5.3” i.e. 160 cm only and still she has a driving license??!! Uffa!Nyah-NyahRolling on the floor laughing Not to forget your looks Suchi…though you’ve turned 20 but you still look like a baby…you are so so baby faced!In love

SPM_A1334Suchhooo..and me!vcm_s_kf_repr_832x624

Out of her innate sincerity, she would always teach me the stupid idiotic subjects on engineering and trust me whenever I face any doubts she clears them for me with a perfect logic behind her reasoning…however, when me myself ask her humongous, wonderful and uncomfortable questions which she can’t answer she just says, “Isko rattna padega” (you’ll have to mug it up)…that’s it! End of the discussion!!SmileOpen-mouthed smileEvery single thing related to Suchi is pure, addicting, charming and innocent!Light bulb

Well here’s another incident I can never forget which again sets an example for all of  us as to how innocent we can be if we try learning from Suchi! Dear Darling lost her phone one fine day and can you believe this…it was stolen right from her pocket! Till this date it’s a mystery as to how the hell did that happen!Confused smile Poor Suchi cried a lot because of that.Sad smile But finally on the holy eve on her birthday she got a new phone!Mobile phone

Suchi loves her dad the most on the earth! Calls him Bhaiya for that fact…she always makes sure that she keeps him happy all the time! Oh for that matter…addressing the relatives is still a mystery in Suchi’s house! Here are few examples of how people are addressed by the Mighty Suchi:-

Dad: Bhaiya

Daadu: Papa

Daadi: Baabi

Mom: I’ve no idea..lolFlirt male

Tauji: Bhaiya Raja and many more!Winking smile

Well here is an honest confession…the only person in the world I’m scared is Suchi Dulloo…mainly because I cannot stand her fury and of course her pain! One raised eyebrow or a finger from the Great Beauty of Haldwani and I shall stop in mid howl and tears will instantaneously vaporize in case I’m crying. Her reputation precedes her. Stories of her charm and unbelievable stuff are far too many. Not all of them are false!Winking smile But nowadays people are missing that on her time because she spends her majority of the time with me but Sucha blames it on her aging that she can’t remember stories of her charm! The only sign of aging on Sucha is her silver white Candlefish hair right above the skull!Smile

Sucha was a proud student of prestigious coaching class (Vivekananda Classes, which are very difficult to get into) and don’t ignore this mates…but Suchi got into VIT and was the only selection from her batch in VIT but as it stands, it was my destiny to meet her in Bangalore which brought her here in this beautiful city! I’m blessed to have you here Suchi!Thumbs up

Sucha’s stories during her first year are way too legendary. You got to be on a dozen courses of her and her interests to have a fair sampling of them and though people may have heard a story 100 times, yet her spontaneity and style of telling makes it seem just as thrilling or funny as if you’re hearing it for the first…you’re too Awesome Suchi!Embarrassed smileSecret telling smile

This is how I saw her (and only her) for the first time…what a perfect introduction she was in the class–wise and witty, dynamic and cool!!Flirt female And of course every teacher’s favorite.Nerd smile

Not to ignore the melodiously she sings and dances! She’s just too too and too delicate to handle!Send a kiss

Suchi I never told you this but Ellie and her gang in USA once saw some pictures of you and you should thank me for that because I was the one who showed her and her pals your photos!Open-mouthed smileThose American teens complimented you for your personality and your looks…this is what they said, “This chick looks awesome, in fact she is beyond cool”…and trust me Bebo when Americans say so, they seriously mean it…I mean isn’t it?? Means a lot right? Your personality is American approved…hell yeah!!Smile

This might perhaps be the best thing you might read on your birthday…

Know what Suchi?? Guruji says learn,

  • Team work from the Japanese,
  • Precision from the Germans,
  • Presentation and Marketing from the Americans,
  • Frankness and Warmth from the Africans,
  • Etiquette and Manners from the British and
  • Human and Spiritual Values from the Indians.

So doesn’t that make Sucha Japanese, German, American, African, British and an Indian all rolled in one?!?Surprised smileHell Yeah! Suchi…Perfection is the word for you!!Smile

One may add French and Italian too, given her penchant for Momos, Maggi, extra spicy food and of course her cool looks. She holds me together with such love and personal attention and quality time (not to forget her lovely, innocent, funy and splendid talks), that I’m left with no choice but to blossom and carry forward the tradition…that the most beautiful girl on earth started!Be right backLaughing out loudRolling on the floor laughing

Given Suchi’s talents, someone whom I happen to know and she doesn’t…expressed she is one of the most under marketed personalities in the world, and that she should be on every radio or television channel possible…and I am sure, with a little prodding or praying and well wishing from my side and blessing fromSucha’s family, who knows it might someday happen too…I know thoda zyada ho gaya but seriously I desperately wish for it to happen!Who me?It will indeed do a great deed to this world.

Sucha has an eye for beauty and detail, a taste for the ultimate and the exotic, an ear for the subtlest and the melodic…most things around her have a graceful, understated elegance.

God is the one who has made me cry the maximum through Suchi (such helpless and abundant tears of gratitude), and also through Suchi, he has made me laugh the most. Two glorious decades of this being on the planet, about half of them serving everyone artfully, spiritually, emotionally, stomach fully and gracefully– what a wonderful treat it is to have Suchi in my life!! XOXOXO!Secret telling smile

May all your dreams and wishes come true!

May you achieve all the success in your life!

May there be happiness and no tears in your life!

Wherever you go, you spread your charm and make people happy!

May you fulfill all the dreams that Mumma-Papa have seen!

May all your troubles and miseries come to me!

Happy Birthday to the dearest Darling!Smile

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl on the planet!Girl

Loads of Love and Blessings!Red rose


PS: This post goes live at 1758 hrs. at the precise time Suchi is supposed to turn 20…lets celebrate Sucha’s birthday by doing everything good and correct in all and everyway possible!Smile


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  1. its the best bday gift i could hv got………
    i love u so much………….i hv tears in my eyes…i m so proud nd so happpy to be loved by u…
    i love u shubi…u hv no idea how much i love u…..

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