Shiksha aka Education!!

This is a very strange word. It means education…but it also means punishment. Education today for almost anyone still studying more or less means punishment. Did the ancients foresee the state of education in our country in the 21st century? And so decided that Shiksha should mean both education and punishment?Crying face


There is a better explanation…

People who are tired do wrong or bad actions. Circumstances, situations, other people can tire a person out. When the energy is low, this is when a tired person will do something unacceptable. Wrong education can also drain a person of all sensibilities and compel him or her into doing wrongful actions.

Hence a wrong doer is given Shiksha. Shiksha was a chance given to a tired beaten person to relax and reenergize. Jail was a place to rest and recoup. The hope was that once a person has got back his energy and his sensibilities, he would become a responsible citizen and once again take his part in building society. So giving Shiksha to a person meant giving him an education. An education in righteousness.

And so Shiksha came to mean both, to educate and to punish.Hot smile


We used to live in “Enlightened” times. It should be quite easy to get back to them…Spirituality is the magic formula!Open-mouthed smile




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