“Naughty joke ahead…you have been warned”


A daughter takes her 85 year old father shopping at a big mall. After buying whatever they had come for (and some other things) both father and daughter decide to go and have a cup of coffee. While they are sipping their coffee, a teenage kid settles down on an adjoining table. He has spikes of all colours in his hair (?)…red, blue, green, orange, purple, pink…

The old man is totally fascinated by the kid and keeps staring at him. The kid at first just ignores this, but every time he would look in the direction of the old man, he would find an unblinking scrutinizing stare … After a few minutes, the kid couldn’t bear it any longer, and snaps at the old man… “Whats the matter old man?! You never did anything wild in your life?!”

Without missing a beat, prompt came the reply “When I was younger i screwed a peacock…I was wondering if you were my son!”Open-mouthed smile


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