Lesson from Fever

A lot of Knowledge got reinforced again and again. Pain is inevitable, so is the gain. I felt I gained quite a bit of wisdom.

I deeply realized the complementariness of opposite values. The fever made me appreciate the value of good health and energy. One walk around the rooms would leave me drained and I felt grateful for a millions things that I usually take for granted. I realized what a charmed life I live and the blessings I have, to be an instrument of such beautiful and liberating knowledge, a source of joy inducing techniques and a fountain of love.

Acceptance – after a while acceptance is a non-issue, it happens without choice. You simply have to accept that people are doing the best they can for you, however much you don’t like it. Now that I have recovered I am so grateful to Suchi and of course Myself (Mums didn’t know about it). When I didn’t want to eat a single thing, Suchi made sure I ate something apart from “EATING” milk shake.Winking smile The fever and the drugs totally took away my appetite (I’m sorry Suchi, but I thought revealing everything to you over here would be better). In retrospect I can see how important it was to eat then. I am so glad I did.Nerd smile


Don’t be a football of others was a tough one. Great opinions were offered from every f*****g source available. So I slept one night with 4 fresh cut onions stuck on a fork placed in glasses. It looked pretty artistic if you manage to vacuum shut your nose. The next day I had onion flavored everything, from toothpaste to water, to medicines to food and of course the breath…that’s how I treated myself! Seriously YUCK!!Confused smileFreezing

Live in the present moment – I always taught it’s the coolest place to be in. But presently it was very hot. But I don’t mind hot, so it was cool…LOL.Smile But the throbbing headaches which came as a package deal with the fever were truly terrible…but thank God man made something really special known as the Disprin. Alien Also, I tried each and every tablet shown below…which I think is the reason for my zooming fast recovery!!

Pain and suffering usually go together. However, I had read it somewhere that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Ill health can be a matter of wrong choices, but happiness is a matter of choice. Ill health and happiness is a perfectly workable partnership. I would wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself, “What’s my temperature?” That’s how I recovered! Constant monitoring! Also I went in a phase where my sense of smell was enhanced a million times…leading to mood swings!

Everything apart, to cure my ailment this one was the best: I would see the tress with each and every leaf joyfully dancing to the breeze, soft light of the sunset or the sunrise, happy cows grazing blissfully oblivious to the cares of the world, small children going to school and a lone eagle far away gliding on the air currents…from my balcony everyday when I thought I’m sick. It really made me feel better and fresh! Just continuous staring did the job!

There is abundance of joy and beauty ever present in nature for us to partake of, any moment.Smile


Lesson learnt!!

Fever, fever…don’t come back anytime soon!




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