Cathartic Return


Been a few days that I Blogged! Was feeling low…I don’t know why!?! Nothing seems to be going the right way…the way I want it to.Sad smile I know my potential and I also know it takes little more than what I’m giving it now. Where’s my charm gone??Sad smile

Anyways time flies…time flies it doesn’t wait around while I make up my mind, I keep on thinking of what will make my life better and try to figure out who am I and what the f*** am I doing on this gorgeous planet but suddenly I look up and find that several years have flown by and I’m getting old, rusty and ugly…trying to live the life of a happy teenager but no matter how many fancy gadgets I buy and how much sports gear gathers dust in my house and on my study table, I don’t get any better and girls look at me only because of wrong reasons (“SHOW OFF”) or my worldly wise charm AKA flirting as they say, and some because of my wit and what they don’t know is that they too haven’t got a clue of what actually I’m. Only I know how hard I’ve worked for a relationship with Amby…which is probably a lot more rewarding in the long run and is awesome right now too but somehow the mind has trained me to go chasing after things what I do not have…unachieved targets and project my desires on to an imagined goal which in reality may really really suck but somehow seems glamorous in my own head and I know its my destiny and I’ll be there someday!SmileI’ll never give up!

“Everyday is special if I think so, every moment is memorable if I think so, I’m unique if I think so…Life is beautiful if I think so.”




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