Life’s a Joke!!

I still Remember the fourth grade Geography test in school. I forgot that one “fill in the blank” and was shit scared to return home and face “mom fury”. That 2 minute walk back home from school used to be so dreadful at such times.  The mind would prepare answers for all the uncomfortable questions I would have to face as soon as I reach home. Cursing myself for my mistakes  and at the same time seeing what best can be done to avoid getting demolished, having no idea that as time passes I would be laughing at the same situation.

I remember my first text to Suchi…asking her out for her number. I was tensed and desperate to impress her. I remember the first Introductory talk I had with her. Oh holy might…only I know how it was like…it was as if I had to convince a very busy and occupied Celeb to give up her work and play a game of Ludo with me. I hardly had any idea that I would be so comfortable with her this day at the present day. I was so scared of Suchi…forgot everything when she was in front of me…always tried to be on my best behavior when she is around and now I know and I can say it proudly that I’ve changed and trust me folks…Amby brought in this drastic change and I can feel it! I never imagined I would one fine day be with the most beautiful and the most perfect girl in the world. That nervousness killed me! And look at me!!

Everything is consumed by Time. Can we see life as a joke? Of course YES!!

Everything is insignificant. Nothing matters. The most blissful moments will all come to an end. The most disastrous situations too will pass. The most noble souls with the greatest acts of service to humanity will also have an impact only for a limited time. Keeping Death in mind everything is basically a big joke.

Can we trivialize every pleasant or unpleasant sensation we experience? If yes, then life becomes a joke!!

Because Life is a joke!!

May god bless me so much that I never lose out on the special moments with Suchi. I just want you and nothing else baby!

Love YouRed heart



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