A Divine Romance

Krishna’s love affair with Radha is perhaps the most controversial in the Epics…she had a steady job, a family, a husband…she left all that and went after Krishna! She was older than Krishna, that fact alone disqualifies her.Smile In fact there are certain sects of Hindus who do not believe that she even existed, because the entire romance is a slap in the face of all traditions and systems.Smile

But there is a secret here: Radha means longing, Krishna fulfillment. So she has to be older than him. First there has to be longing, only then can fulfillment dawn. She had all this family and job etc., which she left for Krishna…this means that all of us have the Longing for the Divine, but we try to fill that with material things, and it never gets filled… it only intensifies. When Krishna (the Divine) comes into our lives then we need to let go of all that, just as Radha did and soak in the Bliss of being with the Divine!

If we turn the word Radha around, it become Dhara, which means to flow away. Opposite of flowing away is flowing towards. Radha means flowing towards…and flowing towards whom? Govind!

Go in Sanskrit stands for Knowledge. Go-vind is the Giver of Knowledge. So instead of our mind flowing away into the MAYA of the world, flow towards Govind… the Giver of Knowledge! This is what Radhe Govind means!!

Gopal means the protector of Knowledge, the preserver of Knowledge. Go can also mean “way”. and so Go-pal becomes the one who protects you on the “way”, on the path… Radhe Gopal, is Go to the one who will protect you, take care of you on your journey through Life…

Radhe Govind, Radhe Gopal, Radhe Krishna!! How the epics have guarded these great secrets in simple beautiful stories! Just Amazing!!Laughing out loud

Radhe Govind, Radhe Gopal, Radhe KrishnaRolling on the floor laughing



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