Radha was very special to Krishna…here is one of the most beautiful stories about Radha that i know:

Much after Vrindavan, when Krishna was relaxing with his many wives (lucky Krishna…seriously)Rolling on the floor laughing, Rukmini his head wife threw a tantrum…all the time I hear Radhe Krishna, Radhe Govind…she is not even married to you…how come no one sings about Rukmini, or for that matter any of the other of your wives?! What’s wrong with us??Steaming madblah blah blahSteaming madSteaming mad

Krishna listened patiently and then suddenly held his head and complained of a head ache. Now Rukmini felt sorry, and became all loving and docile again…but the head ache refused to go…each wife had her own suggestion about what to do…some pressed feet, others did some aroma therapy, still others made pastes from herbs…16000+ cures were presented, none worked, his head ache only grew worse!!Sick smile

Naarad the travelling Muni then made an appearance (besides being a Muni, he was also “something” of a doctor) and he examined Krishna, felt his pulse, etc. and then proclaimed that Krishna was suffering from a very rare type of a head ache…one that could only be cured by a Beloved of Krishna putting his or her foot on Krishna’s head…Krishna was in bed moaning softly, and the wives and the courtiers of the palace had a conference…they were all beloved of Krishna, but none dared to put their foot on the Lord’s head, doing so would mean an eternity in Hell!!Devil By now everyone was pondering and wondering what to do (come on it is Lord Krishna we’re taliking about after all)???I don't know smileEye rolling smile

Finally the news reached Radha in Vrindavan about Krishna’s ill health and she rushed to his palace and when appraised of everything, asked immediately to be taken to Krishna, she would happily put her foot on his head…Rukmini, and of course the other wives and the rest of the palace were aghast at her quick decision…Rukmini herself told her that if she Radha did that, she would burn in hell forever!!

If my Lord gets even one second of relief from his pain, then i will willingly go to hell forever said Radha as she ran to her Krishna and put her foot on his head, curing him completely…

An abashed Rukmini along with all the other wives touched Radha’s feet and realized how deep her love for Krishna was…and why people for centuries to come will sing Radhe Krishna!! How Romantic! Isn’t it??Rolling on the floor laughing

May my love for Suchi be like Radha’s love for Krishna!

Radhe KrishnaOpen-mouthed smile

Love You Suchi


PS: More on Radha ‘n Krishna tomorrow or else Suchi is gonna strangle meSmile with tongue out


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