Heaven on my Mind

Guruji, a legend says that Sant Tukaram went to heaven in his physical body…I too want to do that, is it possible?

Why do you want to go to heaven in your physical body? When you fly from Bangalore to New Delhi, do you insist that you take the seat you sat on along with you in New Delhi?! I paid for that seat, now you give it to me…wouldn’t that sound completely ridiculous?! Smile That seat is there for you to be comfortable while you are on the plane…you don’t take the seat with you once you land at IGI, that would be just plain silly…even thinking about it is sounding so stupid…yeah?!Confused smile

Same way, wanting to “go to heaven” Angelin your physical body is so silly! Dumb in fact!Sarcastic smile

When Guruji says that Sant Tukaram went to heavenAngel in his physical body, it means that he got enlightened while he was still in his physical body, right here on earth…not that he went to heavenAngel with his body Smile

and this is something you can aspire to…Enlightenment right here and in your present body!

Jai Gurudev!




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