Notes from Heaven…


Somewhere out there, vuvuzelas greet the winners…Manchester United, while strawberries and cream do little to soothe the shock of Bruno’s illness and the car crash. It all seems so far away as SuchiFlirt female and I talk n’ text in a cool, cloudy, lush green paradise weather overlooking a lake, a myriad varieties of wind whistle providing the background music to our texting conversation.Red heart Every morning starts with SuchiGirl texting me my favorite lines: I LOVE YOURed lips and I never fail to reply her backOpen-mouthed smile as we generally prepare ourselves for a hectic day ahead to undergo the torture of the semester classes (thank god they’re over now), a five month long semster at NHCE. Fortunately this is the best semester I’ve had in 2 years (and will always be the best for the next 2 years as well) – somewhere inside, my system is still in shock, unable to comprehend this multi-million lottery of deep, unexplainable feeling!Open-mouthed smile The life has never looked better, Bangalore, the people, friends, parents – everything seems to have blossomed into perfect shape. In the evenings we spend time together after the classes are over, hang out somewhere in relative solitude and I always wish that whenever I’m with you…SuchiPrincess, time never passes away and that’s the only experience what can only be described as the Utter Stillness of BeingSmile

Love You SuchiSecret telling smile



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