The past couple of days, I’ve been enjoying my first real illness in a very long time (sorry Suchi I didn’t tell you about it)Smile with tongue out the cumulative effect of not taking the Disprin several times these past few days, with temperatures ranging from 30 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius, gigging every night, getting very little sleep and being expected (naturally) to smile through it all. So till an hour ago I was lying very still, sick-as-a-dog-crawling-under-a-car, feels-like-I’ve-been-hit-by-a truck, and strangely calm and not cranky at all (Suchi’s very impressed!).Smile with tongue outWinking smile Just a loud loud signal from the body, gimme a break man! Have been eating  Khichdi (the nicest, lightest, yummiest recipe) for three days now, it’s like a total detox. Add several episodes of Mr. Bean, Chuck, Supernatural and the Mentalist and you have the nicest therapy ever. Oh well, Monday morning I’ll be up again, sound check in the afternoon, and then…its gonna be an amazing day. Remembering CCR’s song, Playin’ in a travellin’ band. Feel lucky to have Suchi to come see me today, thanks baby you’ve made this illness actually enjoyable!

Love you loads Secret telling smile

ShubiOpen-mouthed smile


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