Premonition…the truth of LIFE

The Angel of Death has taken another one of us. It’s strange to know this, I always sit bolt upright in the middle of the night, with this knowledge I can neither share nor reveal. There is nothing to do at this point but close one’s eyes, breathe softly, chant Om Namah Shivaye and wait for morning to bring that SMS or phone call for which I desperately waitFingers crossed

How does a tree feel when it loses a leaf? At one level there are so many thousands of leaves that the natural fall of a single one could hardly ever matter and yet just as the seed knew just when it had to sprout and which way it had to grow, so does the entire tree sense each cell of its Being, and does indeed feel the lesser for the loss of a single leaf or fruit, whether plucked before its time or given away.
Tomorrow a new leaf will sprout, and a new flower bloom, as will millions of new seeds be sown, each ripe with the possibility of a miracle and the hope of a new life.
Tread lightly, cautioned the poet, tread lightly. We wish to disturb neither the newborn nor the newly dead, nor leave too heavy a print upon this earth, nor again go unnoticed. We wish to be remembered as a sudden, startling, soothing fragrance that wafts upon someone when they least expect it, making them smile – first wistfully, then wryly, then in gratitude.

You brought in this great thought AmbySun


ShubiOpen-mouthed smile


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