RatatouilleTo start with, I was red carded (sent off) from college early today…thanks to her holiness & highness the mighty “Suchi”Smile with tongue out…hell yeah she is so powerful! Has her own Spartan LegacyWinking smile ZEL ZEL ZEL! So came in early today and didn’t know exactly what to do? Thought of blogging but then I came across the movie folder on my PC and I was shocked!! OMG…I haven’t seen Ratatouille!Surprised smile

So I watched Ratatouille (pronounced Rat-a-too-e) today…its a movie about a rat who loves to cook and a guy who has to but can’t!! Utterly delectable, superb French music and the movie is set in Paris…what else!?! I also got a few nice tips on how to cookSmile

Frankly telling it was a really touching movie! Everything a movie should have: comedy, action, rats, food, music, love story, slapstick and more  comedy and more rats all simmered gently with the usual Disney Magic to come up with a really cute serving of total funSmile

There is a quote from the movie that stayed with me:
“If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead!!”

Will leave you smiling and hungrySmile…don’t watch this movie if you have nothing in the fridgeOpen-mouthed smileWinking smile

PS: Colette (female Chef) is hawt, wierd smile and wierd hairstlye though…she can ride bikes too…lol!!


ShubiOpen-mouthed smile


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