Flower Art


We have a solid rainy season ahead of us in Bangalore, so in between showers and thunderstorms (and writing and editing articles), I spent some time walking across the flowers today. While sitting on the bench in the lawn I noticed that many of the flowers I’d given up as past their prime were reinvigorated by the cool, wet weather. One of them which penetrated my feelings was the Plumeria! Not only is looks pretty awesome, it has got a wonderful and a seductive smell and everything becomes an add-on when you see this flower in rain…its wet petals…wow.SmileMillion Dollar sight!!

So I took my macro lens (2 megapixels)Open-mouthed smile out and played around in the afternoon overcast, catching a few images that reminded me of my mom’s gardening days. I usually think it prudent to leave the phone in the house on rainy days, but today’s result showed it was well worth the risk and no one melted (not even the dog nor my phone) on this damp photo shoot.Winking smile

Happy RainsSmile


ShubiOpen-mouthed smile


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