Suck It!!

Something really worth this summer…Juices

its getting pretty hot here in Bangalore…
so here are a few juice recipes one might not get in many juice shops…have them and tell me how u like themWinking smile

Grape Mint:

few mint leaves + lots of grapes whirr in a blender with some ice garnish with a lemon slice

Pineapple Mint:

add pineapples instead of grapes to above

Orange Fire:

deseed oranges whirr in blender, add just a tiny pinch of red chilly powder…you get quite a kick!! hell yeah!!Winking smile


Beetroot_Juice(C=Carrot; A=Apple; B=Beetroot)…Smile
thought of calling it as Carrot juice to be honest but then I put my brilliant mind (sarcastic) at work and came up with CABWinking smile

5 nice big juicy carrots + 1 big red apple + 1 generous slice of beetroot… juice it, add ice and its irresistible!Surprised smile for a little spice you can add just a small piece of ginger..wowSmile

Orange + ginger very nice, if feeling adventurous add some cucumber to it…lolWinking smileSmile with tongue out

feel free to mix n match fruits, one way I do it is see if the colors matchSmile…yeah that’s the key to success!! Somehow the juice tastes really good…heheheheSmile

I don’t use any sugar at all in any of the juices that i drink, that makes the tastes of the fruits come alive in my mouth…worth trying! Trust me…





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