Om Namah Shivaye…

well I said I was spiritualSmile…here is something I finally found out from ancient old people (my Mom)

I always asked her why do we chant Om Namah Shivaye and why do we specifically do it 108 times??

And here is what she said:


Namah, read backwards is Manah, the mind which is directed outwards and confused, dull, etc. you turn the mind inwards, it becomes Namah, and when you go inwards, what do you find? Shiva! The embodiment of Bliss, peace and tranquility… So we chant the Om Namah Shivaye to turn ourselves inwards to the Bliss and tranquility of the Being…

Other than this there are 3 more reasons:

1. Like we take a bath everyday (hopefully)Winking smile, and that cleans our physical body, we need to take a “MANTRASNAAN”, a bath with Mantras, this rejuvenates and cleanses our subtle body…got it?? dirty fellowsSmile with tongue out??

2. There are 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets…as the 9 planets move through the 12 signs, their positions affect us either negatively or positively. So chanting the Om Namah Shivaye “108” times has a special meaning… i.e. (12 x 9 = 108 duh!!Surprised smileomg can you believe that??), it nullifies any negative effects and enhances positive effects of the planets on us! You will suddenly find yourself becoming very lucky  and notice that things that were troubling you will simply vanishSmile…May lord Shiva Bless MeWinking smile

3. Chanting Om Namah Shivaye is sooooooo nice!!!Winking smile You actually start feeling that you’re physically and mentally present in Kashi…HimalayasSmile wowSmile

We all should make this a part of our daily life…it doesn’t take more than about 10 minutes or so… and we will really feel very nice afterwardsSmile…trust me!!

So..that’s it!

Happy Chanting!

Om Namah ShivayeSmile



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